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Admission of new juniors

Last update: 05.01.2022

If you are interested in joining us and playing for our club at competition level, you can ask our coach Iris to put you on the waiting list. Since 2021 we have a new system, with which we accept trial juniors (number depending on vacancies) in batches after the summer vacations and after the sports vacations. After an eight-week trial period, we then decide who will be accepted based on an evaluation.

Admission system for new juniors

Player Commitment

  1. I am (about to be) in the badminton club to become better in badminton!
  2. I come regularly to the training and if I can't come exceptionally I report this in time.
  3. I can be reached by Whatsapp chat and I respond as soon as possible to invitations to tournaments or interclub matches.
  4. After the first year of training at the latest, I participate in as many as half of the junior tournaments in the Zurich region.
  5. From 11-12 years, or after one year of training I am ready to participate in away games and home games of the U15 team!
  6. I attend 2 home games of the highest or second highest league teams of the club per season and support our players.
  7. I make sure that my equipment (racket and indoor shoes) is age and level appropriate and in good condition.


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