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Protection concept for training operations

from April 20, 2021

Translated version, the German version is valid in case of discrepancies.


  • The group must not be larger than 15 persons per hall, including the trainer.
  • If a 3-compartment gym is available, 3 groups of 15 people each can train, provided that:
    • the walls are lowered
    • and there must be no mixing of groups.
  • Singles may be played/trained without a mask.
  • Doubles play/half court drills are only allowed with mask.
  • Coach always with mask
  • Compliance with the existing protection concept

Exception: For persons born in 2001 and younger, these restrictions do not apply.

B. Keep distance

Basically: A distance of 1.5 metres must be maintained both with and without the mask.

C. General mask obligation with few exceptions

In buildings of the sports facilities operated by the Sports Department of the City of Zurich, masks will be compulsory for all persons aged 12 and over. This means: all participating persons at age 12 or older enter the buildings of the Blumenfeld and Ruggächerhalle wearing a mask.

On the badminton court, the compulsory masks will then continue to apply to doubles players (Exceptions: Family members and persons born in 2001 and younger). You must bring your own masks, as well as a suitable device for stowing the mask (such as a letter envelope labelled with your name).

D. Dressing rooms

For adults over 20 years, a minimum of 6 m2 per person applies. Minimal 5 persons are always allowed, so even if the dressing room is smaller than 30 m2.

Blumenfeldhalle: Since we would have too many men when changing between two units, the dressing rooms in the Blumenfeldhalle will remain closed for men.

Ruggächerhalle: In the Ruggächerhalle the above-mentioned regulations apply. Please use both dressing rooms.

Juniors: There are no restrictions.

E. Procedure for positive Sars-CoV2 test

Swiss Badminton recommends that training/competition/tournament participants get tested regularly. If a test is positive, the process defined by the BAG applies. Since follow-up is not always fast enough, we expect our club members to act responsibly (see also separate info).

F. The following five principles are mandatory for training:

1. Only come into training without symptoms

Persons with symptoms of illness are NOT allowed to participate in training. They stay at home or are placed in isolation and discuss the further procedure with their family doctor.

2. Minimise duration and number of contacts

On arrival, when entering the sports facility, at games, after training, on the return journey - in all these and similar situations, a distance of one and a half must still be maintained and the traditional shake hands and high-fives must continue to be avoided. There must be at least 25 m2 of training space available per person, which means that we must lower the walls of each hall and only 15 people per individual hall may be present. Registration is made via our website per time slot of 1.5 hours and per third of the hall. The third of the hall may not be changed per registration window.

3. Wash or disinfect your hands thoroughly

Washing hands plays a crucial role in hygiene. If you wash your hands thoroughly with soap before and after training, you will protect yourself and your surroundings. We use the disinfection device provided every time we enter one of the halls.

4. We keep attendance lists

Close contacts between persons must be able to be expelled for 14 days at the request of the health authority. In order to facilitate contact tracing, the club maintains attendance lists for all training sessions. A person is appointed who is responsible for the completeness and correctness of the list and who makes it available to the Corona representative in an agreed form (cf. point 5). The form in which the list is maintained (doodle, app, Excel, etc.) is at the discretion of the association.

5. The Corona representative of our association

Each organisation planning to resume training operations must appoint a Corona representative(s). This person is responsible for ensuring that the applicable regulations are observed. In our club this person is Stefanie Schneider. Temporarily she is represented by the vice president Christoph Zellmann. If you have any questions, please contact him directly (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Phone see internal member list).

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